Docs4Trees was founded by a group who became aware that a large number of organisations worldwide are struggling to implement the amount and quality of ‘green’ measures that they would like to have in place. We know that many companies would sincerely like to do more for the environment, while also reducing their own operational costs.

At Docs4Trees we provide a service that companies can offer to their customers and clients that involves planting trees instead of sending them physical documents. This unique service saves on paper, printing costs and the inevitable transportation carbon footprint. Typical documents that can be made ‘greener’ include certificates, receipts, invoices or any other paperwork where a PDF version would be a suitable replacement.


The procedure for our ‘green’ solution is simple:


  1. The participating company asks their clients if they would like to receive a PDF file instead of receiving physical paperwork, while also having a minimum of 4 trees planted for them. If the answer is ‘yes’, the client can choose the location of where they would like their trees to be planted.
  2. The company would then enter the name and email address of their client (or clients) in our online system, along with their preferred planting location.
  3. This will generate an email to their clients stating that (company name) is responsible for planting X trees on their behalf.
  4. Attached to the email would be a PDF version of the certificate bearing the company’s name with the client specifically named on the certificate along with where the trees were planted.

Our price structure is also very straightforward. Docs4Trees can plant four trees at a cost of £8, or any multiple of those figures (£16 for eight trees, etc).

We work with a well-known educational training company who send a vast number of course completion certificates to their graduates all over the world. All their graduates are now offered the alternative option of planting trees and receiving a PDF certificate instead of a physical certificate in the post. As the cost of the physical certificate is included in the trainee’s course fees, the cost to the company for every certificate sent is around £10. By using the £8 Docs4Trees option they actually increase their profits slightly, reduce their admin time, and provide benefits for the course graduate and most of all, the environment.

Working with major environmental organizations, we can organize the planting of trees in around 30 locations worldwide.

If your business provides clients with any form of certification or printed matter which is sent to them by mail, be it via land, sea, or air, you can now offset the cost of this mail service by sending a PDF copy for them to print locally and use the freight cost savings to buy and plant trees on their behalf. By using one of our ‘action options’, your business can significantly reduce its carbon footprint and get closer to NET ZERO, somewhere all companies would like to be in the current ‘climate aware’ world.


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